Cleaning a watch movement

One of the most important steps when servicing a mechanical watch movement is to thoroughly clean all of the parts to remove all traces of debris, oil residue and other contaminants from the surface of the parts. Cleaning movement parts is necessary for many reasons, firstly a clean movement will keep time more reliably, oneContinue reading “Cleaning a watch movement”

Watchmaker’s Toolkit

A selection of tools are required to disassemble and service a watch, whilst many tools are merely a convenience, some tools are absolutely essential. You do not need to spend a lot of money to acquire a basic set of watchmaking tools. I have invested approximately £400 in the tools and equipment listed below, however,Continue reading “Watchmaker’s Toolkit”

Refinishing a Watch Bracelet

This tutorial will teach you how to restore your watch bracelet back to its original condition. There are 11 steps that you will need to follow, these are discussed in detail below.   STEP 1 – IDENTIFY THE MATERIAL In order to restore your watch bracelet back to its original condition, the first step isContinue reading “Refinishing a Watch Bracelet”